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Wolves at it again!

I am really sad about this one.  This is a deer that I would have been much happier with then the wolves.  Maybe we could have the fed talk to the wolves and tell them to only kill little bucks and does.

By looking at the official score sheet you can see his is exactly the type of buck i am looking for.

Post by Garet Jones

11th 02 - 2010 | 1 comment »

Wandering Wolves

Lee Bird sent us this picture.

If you are a deer, elk, or moose and you see this, it is probably the last thing you see.  Hopefully some of the hunting that is being done will help this not be such a common site.  We are here at the “Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show” and it is amazing the amount of outfitters that can’t find animals because the wolves have eaten them all.

Here are a few wolves that have been harvested in Idaho.  Guess they won’t be killing anymore elk.  It’s lucky that we don’t have wolves, in the south east, were we hunt.

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Record Book Moose

We have had a lot of people sending in some pics of some GIANT MOOSE.  There are lots of stories about scores and were they were taken.  All I know is they look great and I hope that there is one like that out there with my name on it.  Cool pics and thanks for so many great emails everyone!!

This last one is suppose to be from Ontario.  If it is it must be a record Eastern Canadian Moose.  The other ones are all Alaskan Yukon Moose.  The yukon moose are notably bigger but it is a different sub-species.


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