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Big Grizzly

The story behind this is that this grizzly was hit by a motorcycle rider.  It was supposedly a Harley Davidson Motorcycle that killed the grizz.  I guess the rider was not killed but the bike and the bear were.  It was killed in Lolo Pass.  I think that is in Montana somewhere.  No matter where it was you can tell it is a big bear.  It is pretty scary camping in the woods with that roaming around.

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Elk Hunting In The Yukon?

Elk hunting is expanding into a lot of states that haven’t had it for a long time.  The only problem is that it is nearly impossible to get an elk hunting tag for most of these states.

This bull was killed in the Yukon on 9-25. Elk were put in there in 1958 from Yellowstone Park . This was the first year they have been hunted. They drew for 15 permits.
The hunter is Al Klassen.
He’s been a sheep guide in the Yukon and Northwest Territories and has personally guided over 100 Dall Ram kills.
Preliminary gross score… 451 5/8

Here is a little article about elk re-introduction that i thought might be interesting.

Considered to be both a mountainous as well as a plains dweller, the North American Elk originally lived through most of North America’s temperate regions, other than the Great Basin and the south east. Some types of elk as most of us are aware, are now extinct, including eastern elk and Merriams elk, and although many restocking efforts have taken place, and the populations are rising in many areas, for the most part the plains and the deciduous hardwood areas of their original range are strangely without elk.
There are exceptions however, such as the small, introduced, isolated populations in those areas.
One area which has had great success in building the elk herd is a smaller area in the mountain and hardwood regions of Pennsylvania, coincidentally named… Elk County. Elk County does offer elk hunting in the state of Pennsylvania now, as the elk herd has grown now and requires some culling.
Another area where elk have been very successfully reintroduced is a plains area in Nebraska and its neighboring Colorado.
The Rocky Mountain elk has been reintroduced by hunter-conservation organizations in the Appalachian region of the eastern U.S., where the Eastern elk once lived.
After elk were replaced in the states of Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee, they then migrated into the states of Virginia and West Virginia, and have established permanent populations there.
As of 1989, population figures for the Rocky Mountain were 782,500, and estimated numbers for all North American subspecies was well over 1 million.[Before Europeans came to North America, it is estimated that about 10 million elk lived on the continent.

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Eagle Hunting!

These are some awsome videos that we got from a couple hunters.  We have a lot of Golden Eagles around our Utah hunting ranch and in Idaho were we hunt elk as well.  We have seen them on a dead elk calf before.  I assumed that a lion or coyote had killed the calf and the Eagles were playing clean up, but after watching these videos maybe not. 


Maybe we should we should hire a few of these mongolians to help us with our wolf and coyote problem.

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Lynx or Bobcat?

These are some pretty amazing photos.  Does anyone know if this is a Lynx or a Bobcat?  If you know leave a comment below.

i don’t know how often a Lynx kills a deer but it doesn’t seem very common.  The body size comparison seems like the deer is a lot larger.  It seems like a near impossibility that it would end on a road like this.  For one of the people that were lucky enought to see it to have a camera and get such great shots of it seems like all the star were lined up.  At least it wasn’t a big buck like the wolves killed in the last post.

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