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Giant Bulls From Broadmouth In 2011

We wanted to post a few pictures of a few more of the Gigantic Bull Elk that we killed in the 2011 elk hunting season.  We had a lot of happy clients and tons of Monster Bull Elk pictures, but here are just a couple.  All of our clients have a wonderful experience whether they shoot the biggest bull in the world or not.  We know people love to look at the biggest pictures though so enjoy!

This Picture is of Bruce Treadaway and his bull that scores 547 1/8.  He made a great shot and put this once is a lifetime bull down right before shooting light was gone.

Daniel Baeva scored on an amazing looking 537 at our Idaho ranch.  For being so big, this bull elk has very typical and beautiful rack.

After this bull escaped Joe Flynn and his guide on their first day out, he would accept notthing less.  After four days of hard hunting and everyone in camp keeping there eyes peeled Joe harvested this 486 3/8 inch Monster.  Wow!!



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