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Big Buck at Our Idaho Ranch

We had an amazing year for deer.  We harvested this 222 inch monster at our Idaho Ranch

Here is the lucky hunter, Bill Schindel, the night they killed this once in a lifetime deer.

This is Jadan Allred, the handsome guide, posing with it the next day in a little better light.

This is a good look at all the extra points this buck has.  He had a few broken off like a lot of older bucks getting close to the rut.



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Beautiful Shiras Moose Killed At Broadmouth

It may be hard to believe this is a Shiras Moose, but it is.  One lucky hunter was able to draw our tag in Idaho and harvested this great representation of the rarest moose species.  It was killed very near Rulon’s house.

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Big Buck At Broadmouth Canyon

Rich McGelligott was the lucky hunter that harvested this huge buck at Broadmouth Canyon Ranch this year.  He hunted with us in Utah and shot this 236 inch, 38inch wide monster on his five day hunt.  Bernie roberts was his guide and had been looking for this buck now for three years.  We finally got him and WOW it is one of the best buck we have ever killed.  Rich also killede a 400+ inch monster bull elk too.  Congrats too him on an Epic hunting trip.





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