Wandering Wolves

Lee Bird sent us this picture.

If you are a deer, elk, or moose and you see this, it is probably the last thing you see.  Hopefully some of the hunting that is being done will help this not be such a common site.  We are here at the “Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show” and it is amazing the amount of outfitters that can’t find animals because the wolves have eaten them all.

Here are a few wolves that have been harvested in Idaho.  Guess they won’t be killing anymore elk.  It’s lucky that we don’t have wolves, in the south east, were we hunt.

  • Autumn spoke:
    17th/12/2010 to 10:20 am

    Oh, please. There are so many more human hunters than there are wolves. Ever occurred to you that a human hunters is the last thing a dear or elk sees? As a hunter, you also compete with cattle, farming, the timber industry, housing, roads, and so on. You can hardly blame the wolves for a dearth of ungulates. We can blame hunters for it though (and habitat loss and other human factors). We can also blame humans the near extinction of the wolf in continental US. HUMANS are the threat to wildlife, not other wildlife species! Wildlife had been taking care of itself just fine until MAN decided he needed to “manage” it, eradicate it, compete with it, or otherwise interfere. A rational person cannot blame the wolves when you need only look around you to see all the habitat that’s been converted to housing and farming and industry. The wolves belong and are needed to keep the herds strong and healthy. We need to preserve enough habitat that BOTH predator and prey can survive.

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