Lynx or Bobcat?

These are some pretty amazing photos.  Does anyone know if this is a Lynx or a Bobcat?  If you know leave a comment below.

i don’t know how often a Lynx kills a deer but it doesn’t seem very common.  The body size comparison seems like the deer is a lot larger.  It seems like a near impossibility that it would end on a road like this.  For one of the people that were lucky enought to see it to have a camera and get such great shots of it seems like all the star were lined up.  At least it wasn’t a big buck like the wolves killed in the last post.

Post by: Garet Jones

  • phentermine spoke:
    19th/03/2010 to 12:06 pm

    I have some doubt that all commenters really understand the meaning of this post…

  • calderon spoke:
    16th/09/2010 to 2:13 am

    look like a bobcat to me dude

  • calderon spoke:
    16th/09/2010 to 2:18 am

    nope hold it i got it its a cross breed.

  • Autumn spoke:
    17th/12/2010 to 10:03 am

    As you know, it’s not typical of either. Any photos of the tail? Lynx generally have a clearly defined black tip to the tail, are overall relatively uniformly colored, have significant black tufts on the ends of the ears, and are larger. By size alone I’d have said it’s a Lynx without question, but everything else about it looks bobcat to me. Too bad the tail isn’t more visible. I don’t know whether the two species hybridize, but that might explain its size.

    I am quite sure that cat didn’t take down a healthy deer. It’s on a road, so consider the possibility that the deer had been struck by a car and was dazed, week, or had internal injuries, etc. It doesn’t seem to be struggling very hard. Looks like a deer that was going down anyway just got a little help from the cat. Amazing shots though.

  • Bri spoke:
    27th/06/2011 to 9:30 pm


  • Bear spoke:
    30th/12/2014 to 11:03 pm

    Yes, it’s a bobcat.

  • Randy spoke:
    11th/09/2015 to 10:59 am

    A bobcat is a lynx

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