New World Record Typical SCI Elk!!

At Broadmouth Canyon Ranch this year in Idaho we have just harvested the biggest bull elk ever killed.  It is going to beat the old SCI record for a typical elk by almost 30 inches.  It scored a whopping 526 Typical and 545 Non-typical.  There are three bulls that score better non-typical but go to this link to look at their pictures and see how much more impressive this bull is.   There is really no question that this is the biggest bull elk ever killed!!!!  Enjoy the pictures and pass them around.  Any questions or comments are welcome.  Dan Bellow was the lucky hunter who harvested this amazing bull.



  • spence spoke:
    5th/10/2010 to 2:08 am

    seems kind of fishy seeing how this elk was shot adjacent to an elk farm.

  • admin spoke:
    6th/10/2010 to 2:24 am

    No elk farms anywere near were this was killed.

  • Anonymous spoke:
    6th/10/2010 to 11:35 pm

    What does this tag cost?

  • Robert spoke:
    22nd/11/2010 to 8:17 pm

    Was this also a B & C record? No mention of the B & C score. B & C doesn’t accept “controlled or high fenced” animals. Was that the case with this animal?

  • Greg spoke:
    30th/11/2010 to 4:38 am

    Was this bull taqken on the high fence portion of the ranch?
    If so why not preface all stories with the truth. At any rate, that is a hell of an animal, did a biologist check him for age? He must be 6 or 7 and getting great winter feed. I don’t think any free range elk grow the mass he sports. Too busy trying to survive the winter and the Wolves.

  • DC spoke:
    30th/11/2010 to 6:43 pm

    was this a fenced hunt?

  • admin spoke:
    1st/12/2010 to 10:17 pm

    This elk was killed on the 10,000 acre high fence portion of Broadmouth Canyon ranch. It is a very fair chase, natural, high fenced elk hunt.

  • zatarain spoke:
    24th/12/2010 to 3:04 am

    who is the hunter that killed this elk ? why no mention of his name ?

  • Big Dog spoke:
    7th/01/2011 to 2:53 am

    WOW !!!!!
    I live in southern Idaho and have hunted all over the state, and have never seen anything like that !!! And cant afford to either !!!!
    At any rate “Big horns come with big dollar signs too”.
    I notice no mention of the hunters name and price tag………..

  • Adelaide spoke:
    19th/07/2011 to 2:38 am

    Posts like this birghten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

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