29th 01 - 2010 | 1 comment »

Southern Utah Mule Deer

The story about this buck, that I heard is this.  The boy, Zack, was on his first deer hunt because he is only 12 years old.  Him and his father went out opening morning and were successful in harvesting a small 2×2.  When they retrieved the small buck it was full of infection and un-edible.  They had the fish and game officer in town look it over and he issued them a new tag t harvest another animal.  They went out again and shot the first buck they saw.  It wasn’t a clean kill so they tracked it for a while and ended up finishing it off with a second shot.  When they walked up on it this is what they saw.

I hope he doesn’t spend the rest of his life looking for a better one.  That will be a tough task to complete.


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